John Oliver Puts Tucker Carlson, Joy Behar’s Lack of Historical Knowledge on Blast


John Oliver was shocked by The View’s Joy Behar and Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s lack of historical knowledge, putting them on blast during his Sunday night episode of Last Week Tonight. 

Before Oliver lunged into his main story on Sunday, he addressed President Donald Trump’s “reckless” support of coronavirus conspiracy theories.

“Recklessness is abounding right now, heightening the need for strong leadership but unfortunately, we’re getting the exact opposite of that,” Oliver said. “Just a week after Trump was given credit for shifting his rhetoric by urging Americans to wear masks, he did something that, even for him was shockingly reckless.”

Oliver ripped the president for backing Dr. Stella Immanuel and retweeting a video that shows her endorsing hydroxychloroquine and claiming that masks to not help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

“She’s also reportedly claimed that alien DNA is used in medical treatments; the government is run by reptilians; and scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from becoming religious,” Oliver added. “And when her comments were pointed out to the president, he refused to back down.”

The host then expressed his disappointment and disbelief concerning the nation’s understanding of U.S. history, during which he addressed the lack of uniformity regarding how schools teach.

Oliver put two particular people — Behar and Carlson — on blast, using them as examples to support his claim that U.S. history needs to be taught better.

He showed a clip from The View in which Behar claimed President George Washington freed his slaves while still alive — prompting Sunny Hostin to explain that wasn’t true. Hostin said Washington actually pursued slaves who attempted to escape, and called him a “horrible slave owner.” Washington’s slaves were only freed after his wife died, as instructed in his will.

The host later showed a video of Carlson ripping former President Barack Obama for supporting an end to the filibuster during his eulogy for civil rights leader and former Congressman John Lewis (D-GA). Carlson asked his viewers, “What kind of person would do that?”

“Wait, what kind of person would honor a friend’s legacy by continuing to advocate for voting rights?” Oliver asked. “You know what? I can think of one. John f*cking Lewis would do that!”

“With so many people misunderstanding our history, either by accident or very much on purpose, we thought tonight it might be a good idea to talk about how the history of race in America is currently taught in schools — what some of the gaps are, why they’re there and how we can fill them,” added the host.

Oliver cited a CBS report arguing there are no national standards with respect to how states teach history, and that state standards also vary — noting that seven states do not mention slavery, two mention white supremacy, and 17 cite “states’ rights” as a cause of the Civil War.

The host went on to give three mistakes that many historians believe are the crux of the problem regarding the nation’s teaching of U.S. history: schools fail to acknowledge white supremacy, they teach progress as something that was inevitable, and they “don’t connect the dots to the present.”

“History, when taught well, shows us how to improve the world, but history, when taught poorly, falsely claims there is nothing to improve,” he explained. “So we have to teach it well and continue to learn it.”

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