Joy Reid Implores Unvaccinated Guest to Change Her Mind: ‘It’s Also About Other People’


Joy Reid attempted to convince an unvaccinated guest to change her mind on Monday’s episode of The ReidOut.

Evelyn Aniton McDowell, who Reid introduced as an unvaccinated educator at a private university, told the host she is hesitant to get vaccinated because she has already had Covid-19 twice.

“I am unvaccinated because I actually caught Covid twice. I had it once in March of 2020. I had it again in November of 2020. This is all before the vaccination,” McDowell said. “I was sick the first time and quickly — not quickly, it took me 65 days to get a negative test — and then when I got it the second time, I quickly got over it.

“Within two weeks I tested negative. Then, I’ve been tested for antibodies, and so, I’ve been tested twice for antibodies — actually three times. The most recent was November, and my antibody levels were very high. And so, if the vaccine is meant to get my body ready, to get my immune system ready to fight Covid, well, natural immunity has done that for me.”

“Let me ask you this question,” said Reid. “I’ve had family and relatives who have said the same thing. Doesn’t the fact that you caught it a second time prove that your natural immunity didn’t keep you from getting Covid? Because you caught it again.”

Reid then asked guest Dr. Kavita Patel to speak to McDowell in an attempt to change her mind.

“The antibodies that you have measured, actually, we know now that those antibodies specifically are not as protective against Omicron,” said Patel. “You are correct, vaccines don’t prevent you from getting infected, vaccines are really meant to prevent disease.”

Reid then played video testimonials from other medical professionals, which she used to implore McDowell to get vaccinated.

“Let me ask you this question, but I have to play this for you. It is partly about you and protecting you, but it’s also about other people,” Reid said. “Let me play some health care professionals talking about what they have gone through. Take a look.”

McDowell watched the video, but ultimately concluded, “I am not against vaccination. And had I not had Covid twice, maybe — I’m sure I probably would have taken the vaccine.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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