Kanye West Producer Rips ‘Moron’ Jesse Watters For Segment on Liberals: ‘Shut Your Mouth’


Mike Dean, the famed rap producer known recently for his work with Kanye West, ripped Fox News host Jesse Watters on Monday for a segment of his weekend show.

The segment that drew Dean’s ire was a characteristic one from Watters, in which the Fox News host declared the following:

“I’m sick of liberals telling me what to say, what to drive, what to eat and who to listen to. Take a look at a liberal. Does it look like they know what they’re doing? Why do we even have to listen to these people? It doesn’t look like they know how to control their own lives, let alone how to control yours.”

Dean, who has been on tour with Travis Scott for the Houston rapper’s latest album ASTROWORLD, posted a short video of the segment along with some colorful commentary.

“@wattersworld @jessewatters shut your mouth,” he wrote. “Or stuff trumps dick in there. Thanks buddy. You’re a moron. Goes to show stupid people shouldn’t breed. #fucktrumpsupporters?? all of them.”

Watters next asked Rep. Matt Gaetz for his thoughts on liberals not being able to control their own lives. Gaetz replied that he wished House colleague Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a happy Valentine’s Day and hoped that she would one day “find love.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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