Here’s Why Everyone is Tweeting About Towels


Twitter can be a strange place, which is why you woke up Monday morning wondering why your timeline was littered with posts about towels and/or lists of things that every couple should own. Here’s why.

It all started when Unrelatable Podcast co-host Abdul Dremali tried to crowdsource some advice about stocking his linen closet:

Then, The Huffington Post’s Yashar Ali retweeted the post with his own ridiculous answer:

The combination of subject matter and two accounts with six-figure follower counts resulted in a viral moment, as Ali’s response got intensely ratioed with replies from people alternately wondering where he could possibly store any of his non-towel belongings, and people learning more than they ever wanted to about towels, some of which Ali threaded with his original tweet:

This thread spawned a subgenre of tweets listing things that every couple should own a minimum of:

And then there were tweets critiquing the towel phenomenon:

And that’s how that happened. Now, please don’t ask Yashar for a queso recipe.

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