Karl Rove Rebuts Claim That He Supports Amnesty For Illegal Immigrations

Juan Williams‘ tenure as host of the O’Reilly Factor has been nothing short of fantastic. Continuing his brilliant run, Williams caught up with Karl Rove, who had come out in opposition to the Republican-backed Arizona immigration bill and attacked the Obama administration for not laying the groundwork to fix this issue. To that claim Williams, had one question: what did the Bush administration do about it for eight years?

Rove was much more positive towards the Arizona bill than he had been after the initial passing of the bill last week, coming out in defense of it’s provision banning racial profiling and noting that “a lot of the critics of this law are wrong: there is no basis to just stop somebody.” Williams continued to ask, then, why he opposed the bill, and Rove redirected his disapproval to the Obama administration’s lack of enthusiasm at tackling the problem. Williams agreed that the Bush administration tried to address the problem, but then noted: “You were in the White House with President Bush for eight years. you guys tried to get an immigration reform deal done. President bush was very, very vociferous in saying he wanted an amnesty program and couldn’t get fellow Republicans–”

Rove immediately jumped to correct the use of the term “amnesty,” though he offered little as to an alternative definition to the proposal of the previous government.

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