Kathy Griffin Blasts CNN and Jeff Zucker in New Year’s Eve Tweetstorm: ‘The Boys Get Paid Much, Much More’


Actress and comedian Kathy Griffin famously lost her gig co-hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage after her controversial photo shoot with a fake severed head of President Donald Trump. Hours before CNN’s coverage on New Year’s Eve 2018, Griffin took to Twitter for a thread about the gig and how she was paid – or not paid, to be more accurate.

“I worked my way up by the 10th year at CNN to get a fee of $150,000,” Griffin tweeted early Monday morning. “By the way, just as a point of reference, Anderson Cooper regularly bragged for years that his annual CNN contract was $10 million a year.”

The thread began with her thanks to fans and the promise of “juicy gossip.”

The gossip was about who would (or would not) be co-hosting, which is what led to the tweets about pay. She took shots at both CNN honcho Jeff Zucker and anchor and New Year’s Eve co-host Anderson Cooper, as well as the entertainment industry as a whole.

That was a not too subtle jab, but it got even less subtle as the thread continued. She acknowledged that it’s a large sum…

And then went after Zucker, claiming that he punished her request for a raise by reducing her check.

She also said it’s a typical pay gap in her industry. “The boys get paid much, much more in the comedy industry,” she said, noting that Leslie Jones ended up going with NBC rather than CNN, “and that is a fact I know a lot about.”

So far there is no response from CNN.

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