Ken Starr: Mueller is a ‘Man of Integrity’ and is His Investigation is ‘Definitely Not a Witch Hunt’


Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr gave a staunch defense of Special Counsel Robert Mueller amid the ongoing Russia investigation.

Starr, who is promoting his new book Contempt: a Memoir of the Clinton Investigation, began by separating how different he conducted his own investigation from Mueller, who he stressed reports to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a man Starr believes is a “man of integrity.”

He also expressed similar praise for Mueller.

” I know Bob Mueller to be a man of integrity. I’ve expressed concerns about some of the people around him and some of the noise that we have seen,” Starr told Brian Williams. “I think it’s important for the American people, all of the American people, to have confidence in the integrity of the investigation. Those issues were raised when I was on the duty station, and they’re being raised now with Bob Mueller. But I know him to be a man of integrity.”

“So it’s not a witch hunt?” Williams asked.

“It’s definitely not a witch hunt,” Starr responded. “That is a term used by any and every politician. It was used by Bill Clinton. It was used by the entire Clinton White House when we were doing our work from really day one. ‘There’s nothing there’. Well, there was a lot there…”

Starr also called it a mistake for President Donald Trump to continuously attack the DOJ and FBI and that he’s “ill-advised” to follow his instincts, adding that he too was the victim of “unrelenting assault” by the Clinton administration from Day One.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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