Kilmeade Asks Trump if China is Going to ‘Get Away’ With Coronavirus: They’re ‘Responsible For the Deaths of 200,000 Americans’


Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade urged President Donald Trump in a Monday interview to punish China for the fact that the coronavirus has killed approximately 200,000 Americans.

After Trump slammed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates for crticizing his coronavirus leadership, Kilmeade moved the conversation along by bringing up the consensus that China lied to the world and could’ve possibly mitigated the pandemic if they were honest about how serious it was.

Knowing that President Xi called you right around this time, you had this conversation. You made the comment ‘I think he’s being transparent.’ Clearly, he was lying. How does it feel to be lied to by the president of China, and what kind of costs will he pay with that?

While Kilmeade brought up Trump’s remarks for China’s “transparency” in dealing with the pandemic, he failed to note that Trump previously praised China’s efforts and upheld the country’s lies. “I have not spoken to [Xi],” Trump said, before waxing on about his trade policy with China.

Kilmeade interjected to remark on Trump’s unusually “measured” response to China. “They really are responsible for the deaths of 200,000 Americans,” Kilmeade said. “The committees and analysts are saying it could have been stopped in their country. Are they going to be allowed to get away with that?”

“I say it every time I speak,” Trump replied. “I’m angry at them because they could have stopped this. They could have stopped it easily. They stopped it from going further into their country, but they didn’t stop it from going out to the rest of the world, of which we’re a part. They didn’t stop it from coming here and Europe and all over the world.”

The interview went on with Trump refusing to give a straight answer to Kilmeade’s question about how the U.S. will respond to recent Chinese aggression toward Guam and Taiwan.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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