Kilmeade Blasts Trump’s Syria Withdrawal: We’re Abandoning Kurds Who are ‘Three Weeks from Total Slaughter’


As Fox & Friends covered James Mattis‘ departure from the Trump Administration on Friday, they spent a good portion of their time pummeling critics for their concern for whether he left on his own terms or was pushed out.

The curvy couch started by acknowledging Mattis’ repudiation of President Trump‘s worldview in his resignation letter. As Brian Kilmeade called it an “insult” and took note of the various issues where Mattis and Trump disagree, he said Mattis was going to leave in January anyway, which prompted Steve Doocy to ask “why was there such a freakout?”

After running clips of critical reactions from those in politics and in the media, Doocy brought up the reports of Trump’s interest in withdrawing troops from Afghanistan as well as Syria. Mattie disagrees with the president on both fronts, though Doocy said Trump’s position is “no surprise” based on his views of foreign wars.

Kilmeade eventually got back in the mix by shredding Trump for pulling out of Syria and leaving Kurdish forces in the area to fight alone.

“We are now abandoning the Kurds who are about three weeks away from total slaughter,” Kilmeade said. “All they have done for us is show total allegiance to us and they trusted us, and now we will never get another ally in that region.”

Decoy tried to bring the focus back to the media “freakout” by saying Barank Obama had 4 defense secretaries throughout his presidency, though Kilmeade pushed back by saying Trump is not listening to his cabinet.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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