Laura Ingraham at Border Ahead of Trump Executive Order: Stop Playing Politics and Act


Fox’s Laura Ingraham was among the many people who this week said dumb, clumsy, or rotten things about the family separation at the U.S.-Mexico border, but on Tuesday night, before Trump announced his executive action, Ingraham ran an extensive segment from on-location at the border south of San Diego.

The lengthy opening segment to The Ingraham Angle on Tuesday was, in contrast to the icy detachment of White House adviser Stephen Miller, very cognizant of the well-being of the children who have become the responsibility of the American taxpayer. In keeping with her “summer camp” remark, she was highly focused on the quality of care for the kids at the known facilities, as opposed to the harm of being apart from their parents or the horror of American government officials taking them away.

Nevertheless, at least some care was taken with the topic. The situation was “not ideal” she said, “but it’s not a concentration camp, don’t say that.” Not idea may be an understatement, but a perhaps fitting one in response to the gross overstatement of those comparing American facilities on the border to Nazi death camps.

Although the president took executive action on Wednesday, Congress must still vote on legislation for any lasting changes, something Ingraham addressed.

“Congress needs to change our laws so that immigrant families can remain together,” she said. “Allow the re-institution of family detention centers so genuine asylum seekers can await trial without separation from their children.”

In other words, continue the zero tolerance view of treating all not at ports of entry as criminal, make exceptions to how they are detained so families are not separated and that those actually seeking asylum can tell it to a judge.

The phrase “not ideal” comes to mind. But it is nevertheless better than family separation and bears mention.

She also said border agents “should be allowed to turn back family units from all countries” because American can’t be the world’s “foster care.”

Her conclusion is that politicians should stop playing politics with immigrants lives and well being, and reach real solutions. Obviously, that should happen. But unless hardliners, too, are willing to compromise, it may not.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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