Laura Ingraham: Chris Christie Should Replace Jeff Sessions as AG


On Wednesday night, Laura Ingraham made the case that former New Jersey governor Chris Christie to take over the Justice Department amid Attorney General Jeff Sessions‘ forced resignation.

Ingraham began by listing all the reasons why she thought Christie would be a great fit as Attorney General. First was that he has an 18-year relationship with President Donald Trump and they “get along” and know each other. Second, he has already “walked through the media fire” and knows what it’s like to be in the spotlight. She acknowledged how he and Trump have a “similar” temperament and style.  She then praised his “tough as nails” reputation as a career prosecutor at the DOJ and dismissed the various controversies Christie has faced over the years like “Bridgegate” and his infamous closing of New Jersey beaches.

She also expressed confidence, especially after the GOP picked up three additional seats in the Senate, that Christie would be confirmed.

Former US attorney Joe diGenova told Ingraham that Christie would be a “fine” choice, adding that he’s “experienced” and “intelligence” and believe he would have the “full confidence” from the president, which he said was “missing” from the relationship between Trump and Sessions. National Review’s Andrew McCarthy also praised Christie’s credentials, but pushed back at the idea that “Bridgegate” wouldn’t be an issue going forward.

“Well Republicans in the Senate aren’t going to relitigate it,” Ingraham responded. “If the president said,  ‘Look, he’s my guy. I know him, he’s not going to wilt under pressure.'”

Ingraham also added that Christie “respects” Special Counsel Robert Mueller and that he hasn’t called his investigation a “witch hunt.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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