Laura Ingraham Corrects Tammy Bruce For Suggesting Abuse is ‘Typical’ of Liberals: ‘It’s Not Just Democrats’


Leave it to Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce to have the worst reaction to the resignation of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who was accused by four women of physical violence.

The allegations against Schneiderman were made in a stunning New Yorker report out Monday night. They include allegations he beat women, engaged in nonconsensual violence during sex, and was verbally abusive.

And Bruce, appearing on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show, laid the blame for Schneiderman’s alleged behavior on liberals.

After Ingraham pointed out that Schneiderman was a champion of the #MeToo movement as New York’s attorney general, Bruce replied, “This is typical.”

“All these liberal men clothe themselves in the cloak of feminism,” Bruce said. “[Harvey] Weinstein did the same thing, Bill Clinton was doing the same thing. It was all about ‘we’re your protectors, we’re your advocates.’ And that had kept them safe.”

“This is not unusual,” Bruce continued. “Liberals have to think about, what is it about men on that side––I’m still a registered Democrat in California––what is it? Is it that they’ve given them a pass for so long because they’ve had power?”

Bruce added that people like Schneiderman were protected to stop “the entire narrative of the liberal agenda” from collapsing.

Those remarks were apparently too batshit for Ingraham, who interjected: “Well, it’s not just Democrats, this cuts across party lines.”

“Not as much,” Bruce shot back.

“Not of the high profile people, you’re right,” Ingraham conceded.

“We’ve all seen the more left-leaning media over the years look the other way,” Ingraham continued. “I heard about that Weinstein thing 20 years ago. I think a lot of people knew about that.” (Ingraham did not explain why she didn’t say anything about Weinstein either, despite apparently knowing about it for 20 years??)

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