Laura Ingraham Hits Fauci as ‘The Medical Deep State,’ Tells Trump to Ignore ‘Alarmist Covid Drivel’ About Rally


Fox News Laura Ingraham mockingly referred to Dr. Anthony Fauci as “the medical deep state” during her show Monday night, responding to his new concerns about how long it will be before Americans can see things going back to normal.

Ingraham teed off on liberal hypocrisy over the coronavirus with respect to the planned Trump rally versus the protests going on across the country.

But in addition to swatting at media coverage, she also took shots at Fauci, who she remarked is “obviously suffering from media withdrawal.”

She brought up his new interview — “a one-man effort to depress us all” — in which he said, “I would hope we could get back to some degree of normality within a year or so, but I don’t think it’s this winter or fall.”

An amused Ingraham remarked, “The medical deep state strikes again.”

She went on to advise the president to just ignore the warnings about the rally:

“The president and his campaign should simply not react to any of this alarmist Covid drivel from here on out. None of these people — sadly including Dr. Fauci — can be really taken all that seriously anymore given what we’ve seen, because science, just like journalism and entertainment, has become obscenely politicized. Now why did none of these people wailing about the health hazards of trump’s future rallies voice any real sustained concern about the shoulder to shoulder protesters screaming at the top of their lungs, some not wearing masks, some taking them on and off, carrying BLM, Antifa, or nasty anti-Trump signs, no worries.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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