Lawrence O’Donnell Forgets NBC’s Hypocrisy When Slamming Trump’s ‘I Made Them A Fortune’ Comment


Host of MSNBC’s Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell slammed President Trump on Thursday for saying, “NBC is equally as bad, despite the fact that I made them a fortune with “The Apprentice”, but they forgot about that”, in a speech during his trip to Poland.

According to O’Donnell, one of the “Trump rules” is that “if you make money for a corporation and that corporation owns a news division then everyone working in that news organization should be publicly nice to you, all the time.”

“The President believes that NBC and MSNBC owe him friendly and positive news coverage because he once worked on an NBC show. Well so did Bill Cosby. Now we have a President who is telling the world that if money changes hands, that changes everything – if money changes hands, that changes the rules – if money changes hands, that should limit the free press.”

Lawrence O’Donnell is right, the idea that a news network should favor a President because he once had a successful program on the network is absurd.

But he seems to forget the role his network played in the business relationship with Trump as he lamented that Trump’s words were, “gonna make sense to some people around the world in government and out of government.”

“It certainly makes sense to Donald Trump and his family,” the MSNBC host stated.

Mr. O’Donnell seems to forget who else it made sense to at one point…NBC.

O’Donnell didn’t mention that NBC didn’t seem to have a problem with Donald Trump and his behavior when he was making them money.

Much of the resistance to the President is still based on the infamous Access Hollywood tape where Trump can be heard telling Billy Bush that he grabs women in an inappropriate place. O’Donnell even played part of the tape, in a different context, seemingly forgetting that NBC sat on that tape while Donald Trump was making them money.

Donald Trump was the same man then that he is now. But the network who cannot seem to stomach the idea of uttering the name Donald Trump did not appear to have a problem with Trump when he was a star for the network.

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