Liberal Guest Destroys Trump Defender in 5 Seconds Flat on Fox’s MediaBuzz


Liberal Fox News contributor Mo Elleithee stopped frequent Trump defender Mollie Hemingway in her tracks when Hemingway claimed that investigating Trump’s business activities prior to his presidency is somehow unprecedented.

On Sunday morning’s edition of Fox News’ MediaBuzz, Hemingway tried to defend a line from Trump’s State of the Union address, in which he said “If there’s going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation.”

First, Hemingway tried to pose Trump’s line as a dove-ish rallying cry, noting “I thought he said we can’t have endless war,” adding that “He’s trying to end the war in Afghanistan. I think that’s the interesting policy subtext.”

But then, she tackled the “investigation” part of the line, claiming that “You heard people say, ‘Oh, well, during previous investigations, you have been investigated for Benghazi or IRS scandals or Fast and Furious scandal.”

“The thing that makes those a little different, and I’m a huge fan of congressional oversight for whatever they want to do it for, is that those were actually investigating administration issues,” Hemingway continued. “Investigating someone’s personal life decades before they became president, that is actually very different than how we normally do congressional oversight, even if they have the right to look into that.”

“The Bill Clinton administration might disagree a little bit about that,” Elliethee replied, noting that the investigation into then-President Bill Clinton “was launched over decades-old financial questions, and turned into something entirely different.”

“Both sides can yell about partisan investigations. But this is one that I think we have seen has had some real relevance,” he added.

The Whitewater investigation that led to Clinton’s impeachment was launched over a land investment in Arkansas decades before Clinton’s presidency.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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