Lindsey Graham Gushes Over Proposed Trump Plan to Sanction Erdogan: ‘I Blame Turkey’ for Syria Crisis


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) painted a rosy picture of Donald Trump as he spoke about whether the president can fix the situation going on between Syria, Turkey, and America’s Kurdish allies.

Graham, who slammed Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds before lauding his supposed plan to sanction Turkey, gave an interview to Fox & Friends in order to talk about the conflict in Northern Syria. Graham said he would talk to the president about this later today as he emphatically declared “the blame here is with Turkey.”

“I blame Turkey,” Graham continued. “There will be crippling sanctions imposed by the Congress to supplement what President Trump’s administration has done. We’ll send a signal to Turkey that is unmistakable in the eyes of Erdogan and the world. We’ll break his economy until he stops the bloodshed.”

The interview continued with Brian Kilmeade affirming Graham’s point that “a thousand” ISIS fighters have escaped detainment amid the chaos of Turkey’s incursion.

“More to come unless we intervene,” Graham continued. “But the good news is President Trump is going to intervene with the Congress in a way to punish Erdogan unlike anytime in Turkey’s life. I hate this, but he brought it on himself.”

Kilmeade, who was panned by Trump for saying the president made a bad call on Syria, eventually acknowledged that Graham has been critical of Trump’s handling of this issue. However, instead of addressing Graham’s morphing position, the Fox host framed this as an attack on Trump’s ardent critics.

“The one thing I have trouble stomaching: the Susan Rices, the people who made the decision not to enforce the red line, to pull everyone out of Iraq, to call ISIS the JV team are now critical of the president,” Kilmeade said. “Now, I think the president made a bad move. You do too, but these are the last people that should be commenting. They left this.”

“Well, it would be like going to a sumo wrestler asking for a diet advice,” Graham snarked in response. “The last person I would talk to would be anybody from the Obama years.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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