Lindsey Graham Live Hit Marred by Weird Yelling from Hannity’s Studio Audience as Fox News Cuts Audio


An appearance by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) nearly got derailed by some members of Sean Hannity’s studio audience on Thursday night.

Graham, who joined remotely, appeared on the show to discuss the indictment of former President Donald Trump earlier in the day. A grand jury decided to indict him on 34 counts, though it is unclear what the charges are. He is expected to surrender to authorities early next week.

Hannity welcomed Graham to the show and as the senator began speaking, a woman’s voice could be heard – presumably in the audience. Her words were audible but unintelligible.

As Graham pressed on, the audio feed to the studio cut out, but the senator was still audible. He invited viewers to donate money to Trump. Graham predicted Trump will beat the charges and become president again.

The studio’s audio feed was activated so Hannity could ask a question about how Trump can prevail, but several other voices were now audible but again, intelligible.

“This is political persecution,” Graham stated as the studio’s audio cut out again. This is a combination of political hatred and selective prosecution on steroids. To those who are listening tonight, if you believe Donald Trump is being treated poorly and wrongly, stand up and help the man. Pray for our country. Pray for him.”

He again told the audience to go to Trump’s website and donate to the billionaire. Hannity thanked Graham for his time while looking off to the side, as if in the direction where the disturbance had come from.

Watch above via Fox News.

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