Liz Cheney: GOP Members of Congress Told Her They Voted NOT to Impeach Trump Due to Personal Security Concerns


Rep. Liz Cheney is continuing to call out former President Donald Trump, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and fellow Republican members of Congress over the insurrection of January 6th and the lack of accountability that has followed.

In a wide-ranging interview with CNN’s David Axelrod podcast The Axe Files, Rep. Cheney dished on her party, and in perhaps the most compelling portion, revealed that a number of members of her party told her that they wanted to vote to impeach Trump but opted not to over security concerns for themselves and their family.

Axelrod joined CNN’s New Day to discuss the revelations with co-anchors John Berman and Brianna Keilar, of which there were many.

“I think what Donald Trump did is the most dangerous thing, the most egregious violation of an oath of office of any president in our history,” Cheney said to Axelrod on Saturday in a podcast just released Monday morning. She also hit McCarthy’s visit to Trump’s resort to ostensibly make amends. “The idea that a few weeks after he did that, the leader of the Republicans in the House would be at Mar-a-Lago, essentially, you know, pleading with him to somehow come back into the fold, or whatever it was he was doing, to me was inexcusable.”

Axelrod then told New Day anchors that Cheney was “very, very candid about her concerns,” before introducing “something very
troubling and security,” before playing audio of the podcast for CNN viewers to hear.

“I have had a number of members say to me, we would have voted to impeach, but we were concerned about our security,” Cheney could be heard saying. “I think that in some ways people have sort of glossed over that, but I think that’s a very important point to pause and contemplate, that you have members of the United States House of Representatives for whom, you know, security — their personal security or their family security, their concerns about that affected the way that they felt they could vote. That’s a really significant thing to say about the current state of our politics.”

Axelrod followed that soundbite noting “if you have legislators who can’t vote their conscience—not because they’re worried about re-election, but because they’re worried about their lives, they’re worried about their families—that is an existential challenge for our democracy.”

“And she believes that Donald Trump is at the root of this, is the cause of it, and she’s going to be outspoken about it,” Axelrod concluded.

Watch above via CNN.

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