Lou Dobbs: ‘I Have Serious Questions About the Integrity’ of the DOJ Under Bill Barr


Lou Dobbs has praised Attorney General Bill Barr on numerous occasions, but Barr’s interview yesterday criticizing President Donald Trump’s tweets set off the Fox Business host.

And with today’s news that Andrew McCabe isn’t being charged, Dobbs continued raising questions about how much Americans can rely on the DOJ under Barr.

“No justice for Andrew McCabe, for the FBI officials who are corrupt to their bones,” Dobbs remarked as he spoke with John Solomon.

And he once again went after Barr:

“I have serious, serious questions tonight about the integrity of the Justice Department under Attorney General Barr. I have serious questions, and I have to believe most Americans do right now. It’s clear. It’s a matter of fact that McBabe lied and deceived and ordered up that special counsel condition that allowed it to unfold. So is my cynicism, my scepticism about all of this misplaced? Is it time for to us all take note that the deep state is intractable and that much more has to be done to bring it to heel?”

At one point as Dobbs railed against DOJ and FBI leadership he said, “I don’t think that we should in any way reflexively say every other person in the Justice Department or the FBI is a good solid American who means well in their public service. I don’t believe that at all. Because these people had to have enablers. They had to have people working with them. And they didn’t step forward, they’re not going to step forward because they fear for themselves and their livelihood such as it is.”

You can watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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