Lou Dobbs Rages at Grenell Over Team Trump Legal Fight: Why Isn’t GOP ‘Demanding the Department of Justice Move In Here?!’


Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell has been one of the public faces of President Donald Trump’s legal fight in states still counting votes that will decide the election.

On Fox Business Thursday afternoon, Lou Dobbs erupted on Grenell and confronted him on what they and the GOP are actually doing.

Dobbs declared that what’s happening in these states is a “national disgrace.”

Grenell said “everybody just needs to do their job” and took shots at the media coverage of their press conference earlier alleging issues with the votes.

As Grenell made allegations about violations of federal law, an annoyed Dobbs jumped in and said, “You’re going to. This is Thursday. You were filing a legal action today against those fraudulent votes. Has that been filed? Because you’re complaining about the press instead of telling us what you’re actually getting done. As you said, you have a job to do. I’m interested in what you’re doing about your job.”

“I would’ve had the letter out to DOJ and the FBI if I wasn’t sitting here on your show,” Grenell responded, “but I committed to come on your show and so we’re holding it to double check it.”

He said it would be out in 90 minutes, and that the lawsuit would be filed within hours.

Dobbs asked, “Are you confident that you’re going to be able to successfully legally challenge those votes and get a decision straight away?”

Grenell said he couldn’t predict what the judge will but but added, “We’re very confident that we are putting together a very good legal challenge to the reckless throwing out of mail-in ballots that clearly officials, government officials should have checked against registration rolls and lists of people who were dead and residency requirements.”

Dobbs was still frustrated and told him, “You’re not getting treated fairly. The president is facing a fight that increasingly looks like a lone wolf to deal with all of this. Where the hell are Mitch Mcconnell, where is the Republican party? Where is Ronna McDaniel? Why isn’t the Republican party en masse demanding the Department of Justice move in here? It’s been absent for the entire process. Can you give us an answer to that?”

Grenell said some of the people he mentioned have reached out.

Dobbs erupted, “I’m not asking for little sweetheart letters, I’m asking why aren’t they demanding the Department of Justice step into a political crime as it appears obviously to me.”

“You can ask them,” Grenell said.

“Thank you, Ric, and I will do just that. And thanks for spending your time with us, and ai apologize for delaying your legal action,” Dobbs said as he wrapped the segment.

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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