Lou Dobbs Rages at ‘TURNCOAT’ Bolton: What a ‘Petty Snarling Lilliputian’ He Is!


Early on in his Fox Business program Wednesday night, Lou Dobbs decried John Bolton as a “turncoat” betraying President Donald Trump with his new book.

A few segments later, he spoke with former Bolton chief of staff Fred Fleitz — who’s calling on his former boss to withdraw his book — and got really worked up and said, “He has committed one of the greatest sins that you can in government. That’s to violate the confidence of the President of the United States.”

Fleitz suggested at one point Dobbs could come on the show and answer some questions. Dobbs said that likely won’t happen:

“My guess is that Mr. Bolton would not even begin to think about it, because he knows exactly how I would proceed with the questioning, and I can’t imagine that he would do so. As you well know, I told the man to go to hell months and months ago, because of his disloyalty to this president. I think very little of the man that I once held in high regard because he has turned his back on his president and his obligations… He turns out to be a petty snarling Lilliputian, and I really am astonished by it.”

He also said Bolton’s “gone rogue” and asked how someone like that could be considered honorable when he’s treating “the president who gave him an opportunity” like Trump did.

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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