Lou Dobbs Rails Against ‘The Left,’ Democrats Who Oppose Trump: ‘They Choose to Hate America’


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs railed against “the Left” and Democrats who “inexplicably and without foundation” oppose President Donald Trump, claiming: “They choose to hate America.”

Dobbs lobbed this incendiary charge at the end of segment with Harvard University professor and high-profile lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who was promoting his new book Defending Israel: The Story of My Relationship with My Most Challenging Client. Dershowitz had just linked liberal criticism of Israel to widespread, left-wing opposition to Trump, which Dobbs complained had been “extraordinary.”

“My book is all about that,” Dershowitz explained. “How anything that Trump does in relation to Israel is criticized, even by people who, if the Democrats did it, would be thinking he did the right thing. Trump has been very strongly supportive of Israel and that has turned a lot of Americans against Israel, and you scratch an anti-Israel person deep enough, and you’re going to find a lot of them are anti-American, they just hate what America stands for and therefore hate America’s strongest ally, Israel. But I think American and Israel work so effectively and so well against the forces of tyranny and lack of democracy.”

“And with that I’m going to take the last word,” Dobbs concluded. “I am so tired of hearing the rationalization of the Left in this country, because they hate Donald Trump, inexplicably and without foundation. They choose to hate America. The Democrats have truly become the party of hate.”

Watch the video above, via the Fox Business Network.

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