Lou Dobbs Says ‘It May Be Time to Declare War Outright Against the Deep State’


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs started off his show tonight guns blazing, as he immediately launched into a monologue focused on declaring “war” against the US intelligence bureaucrats he refers to as the “deep state.”

“Good evening, everybody,” Dobbs began. “It may be time to declare war outright against the deep state and clear out the rot in the upper levels of the FBI and the Justice Department. Yes, I said ‘the rot.'”

Dobbs wasn’t done yet, as he went on to state the following:

“The FBI and the DOJ have broken the public trust by destroying evidence, defying oversight and actively trying to bring down the Trump presidency. Tonight, there are new concerns that anti-Trump FBI officials formed even a secret society at the FBI to subvert the president after his election. That’s according to two Republican lawmakers who have seen some of the thousands of texts between the FBI’s Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page.”

As shocking as Dobbs’ anti-intelligence rhetoric may be to the average, non-conspiracy minded American, these kinds of attacks have become increasingly normal among Fox hosts, as just tonight Sean Hannity launched into a similar line of attack focused on the supposed “deep state plot.”

Additionally, hosts Jeanine “Judge” Pirro, Jesse Watters, and Tucker Carlson have all promoted similar talking points claiming the FBI and Robert Mueller’s investigation have been hijacked by anti-Trump activists looking to take down the president. Some on the network have even referred to these groups as staging “a coup” against Trump.

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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