Lou Dobbs Talks Up a Potential Trump Comeback: ‘Patriot Party’ Has ‘A Great Ring to It’


The Trump administration has come to an end, and one of the most pro-Trump hosts on cable news gave him a big sendoff while talking up a potential political comeback soon enough.

Lou Dobbs praised Donald Trump for his final remarks as president before taking a shot at President Joe Biden, contrasting Trump’s inauguration crowd size with Biden’s own, held during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Today almost no one was there to attend. Despite receiving 80 million votes, President Joe Biden was talking with a select group of dignitaries before a National Mall devoid of people and filled only with flags,” Dobbs said.

Of course, one of the big questions for the next four years is what kind of political role Trump would play in his post-presidency.

Trump still has a very strong base of support, but he left office with very low approval ratings and with some top Republicans openly talking about moving on from Trump and instead just trying to build on policies of his they supported.

Dobbs noted how Trump said he would be back and brought up the recent reporting about how Trump has been considering starting a new third party called the “Patriot Party.”

And Dobbs was very open to that idea:

His comments come as there are reports that he is considering the possibility of establishing a new political party to further the Trump agenda. As I say, these are rumors and, of course, they’re being reported now by not only Lou Dobbs Tonight, but other outlets as well. Many are hoping that he will do something very much akin to that, because his influence could be positive, and it could be broad and powerful across the body politic. President Trump saying he would like to name that party if he, indeed, does create it the Patriot Party. Personally, I think that’s got a great ring to it, don’t you?

You can watch above, via Fox Business.

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