Maddow Tries to Wrap Her Head Around ‘Insane’ Statements from Trump Camp


Rachel Maddow tonight attempted, with great confusion, to understand what she deemed another night of “insane” news from Donald Trump‘s team.

For days now, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been speaking as a member of the Trump transition team. He said on November 10th, one week ago today, that he is “a member of the immigration policy transition team.” (Kobach is the one who got attention in the news for mentioning a registry for people coming in from Muslim nations.)

But given how Kobach said seven days ago he’s on the transition team, this tonight really took Maddow by surprise:

This came before a statement from Team Trump saying it’s “completely false” to say Trump even advocated a Muslim registry.

As Maddow pointed out, though, Trump once said he would “certainly implement” a database for Muslims in the United States. (And for the record, the following day Trump said, “I didn’t suggest a database-a reporter did.”)

But since the initial comment was said and it was on tape, Maddow said it’s “insane” for Team Trump to insist it never happened.

“That’s insane,” she said, “but that’s what every day in the news is like now.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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