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Fox News Promotes Conspiracy That Out-of-State Voters Led to Hillary Winning New Hampshire

Trump’s Election Integrity Adviser Pushes Voter Fraud Conspiracy Theory in Breitbart Article

GOP Rep Rips Kobach Over DACA: ‘Sick Obsession With Scapegoating Immigrants’

Stephanie Ruhle and Kris Kobach Get Into Heated Debate Over DACA: ‘I’m Sorry, Sir, No!’

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach Confirms He is a Paid Columnist For Breitbart

Half of Republicans Support Postponing 2020 Election Until Country Figures Out Voter Fraud

Kris Kobach on Whether Hillary Clinton Won Popular Vote: ‘We May Never Know’

WATCH: Meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity LIVE STREAM

Almost 3,400 People in Colorado Canceled Voter Registration Following Commission Request for Info

Kobach Calls Reports That 40+ States Have Refused to Give Info to Voter Fraud Commission ‘Fake News’

Mississippi Sec. of State’s Response to WH Voter Fraud Commission Request: ‘They Can Go Jump in the Gulf’

Kris Kobach Asks U.S. States to Hand Over Personal Information of Voters

Journalists from WaPo, Slate, Time, and National Review to Debate Trump’s First 100 Days

‘Perhaps He Is Delusional’: Former NH GOP Chair on Stephen Miller Claiming Illegal Voters Were Bused In

After CNN Interview, Kris Kobach Slams Network for ‘False Claims of Voter Fraud’ Chyron

‘Do You Have the Evidence?’: CNN Anchor Battles Kris Kobach Over Trump’s Voter Fraud Claim

Rumored Trump Cabinet Appointee Kris Kobach Photographed With His Homeland Security Plan Exposed For All to See

Maddow Tries to Wrap Her Head Around ‘Insane’ Statements from Trump Camp

Amid Challenges to Voter ID Laws, KS Releases Spanish Voting Guide With Misinformation

Glenn Beck Compares Pro-Immigration Protesters To The Ku Klux Klan

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