Maggie Haberman: Trump Torn Over Ending DACA; ‘Does Not Actually Want to Do This’


As much as President Donald Trump loves to rail on the “failing NY Times” there is no reporter more plugged into Oval Office intrigue than White House correspondent (and CNN Contributor) Maggie Haberman. The NYT journo appeared on New Day on the morning that followed the Trump Administration’s plans to end DACA policy,

Haberman provided reliable insight into how this complicated policy — and political — decision came to be, and who in the White House is left confused by the backlash, and those who are celebrating it.

When asked by host Alisyn Camerota why the White House seems so conflicted by the DACA announcement, Haberman made clear that Trump “does not actually want to do this,”‘ and  “he’s extremely torn about it.”  She then clarified saying  “He meant what he said earlier when he said this year this was not an enforcement priority, that he did worry about criminals and not people brought here on their own.”

Who in the White House, then, is celebrating the DACA announcement? According to Ms. Haberman it’s none other than former aide to then Senator (and current AG) Jeff Sessions, Stephen Miller.

He’s delighted because he believes this,” she said, adding  “It’s not just a play to the base, this is what most Republicans in almost all polling have been against by a majority, even in some cases a very slim majority, but there is a segment of Republicans that favor this. That is the segment of Republicans to whom this president plays over and over.”

Though early in the segment, Haberman put in stark relief the political challenges facing the White House by saying “the problem is the president campaigned on ending DACA” adding “so if you don’t want to end DACA, you probably should not promise people you’re going to during an election season.” Who knew?

Watch the clip above courtesy of CNN.

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