Bill Maher Battles Ralph Reed: People Pull Faith ‘Right Out of Their Ass’

Bill Maher faced off with Christian conservative icon Ralph Reed on Real Time, challenging him on why adult humans suspend critical thinking to believe in “magic” and why they would cherish a tome that basically condones horrible acts like slavery and stoning.

They went back and forth over what’s to blame for America’s moral ills before Reed said that religion provides comfort and moral guidelines to people. Maher agreed, but said that religion is “just something people pulled right out of their ass.”

Maher argued that religion has done much more bad in the world than good, and when Reed brought up homeless shelters and charities, Maher shot back, “But you can do those things without believing in magic.”

Maher then went down a list of things the Bible condones, like slavery, to make a point about how Biblical literalists aren’t really literalists. Reed attempted to explain off some of the more egregious passages, but Maher asked, “If the Bible’s a perfect book written by a perfect guy, why is this in there?”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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