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Matt Schlapp Lashes Out at Matthew Dowd on This Week: ‘Quit Saying I’m a Liar!’

A panel discussion on ABC’s This Week this morning got a bit out of hand when conservative activist and Trump loyalist Matt Schlapp accused ABC political analyst and former Bush strategist Matthew Dowd of calling him a liar.

After panelist Stephanie Cutter stated that the legislative process on Capitol Hill would work if the White House could just stay out of it, Dowd jumped in to take a shot at Schlapp, who had previously said Democrats were fooling themselves.

“The reality is I know Matt likes to create a world that is a sort of fictional rah-rah –,” Dowd declared before Schlapp interrupted him.

“Quit saying I’m a liar, Matt!” Schlapp yelled. “I don’t need truth serum. I don’t need to be lectured by you about being a liar.”

“I have never called you a liar,” Dowd responded, causing Schlapp to claim that he had in the first segment.

“I said that if you drank truth serum, you would actually admit what the president is doing,” Dowd shot back. That was followed by Schlapp shouting that was a “clever way” of calling him a liar.

After Dowd finished his point, which was that Democrats were headed for a wave election and Republicans haven’t passed anything that is popular with the majority of Americans, host George Stephanopoulos interjected to explain that the conversation would have to continue off air as they were out of time.

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

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