Mayor Pete Takes Shot at Bernie Sanders, Compares His Supporters to Trump’s


South Bend Mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg took what some are perceiving as a shot against Bernie Sanders when he compared supporters of the independent Vermont senator with those of Donald Trump.

At an event in Nashua, New Hampshire this weekend, Buttigieg offered praise for Sanders when asked about a “Profiles in Courage” essay that he wrote in 2000. He also expressed admiration for Sanders and said that while he only has a “slightly different” message from Sanders, “I’m obviously a very different messenger.”

But on Sunday morning’s edition of CNN’s Inside Politics, host John King played a clip from the same event, in which Buttigieg appeared to equate Sanders supporters with Trump voters. King introduced the clip by noting that “This race, so far, has been relatively polite,” and noted that Buttigieg was “kind of tak(ing) a shot at Bernie Sanders.”

“I think the sense of anger and disaffection that comes from seeing that the numbers are fine, like, unemployment is low, like GDP is growing,” Buttigieg told supporters, “and yet a lot of neighborhoods and families are living like this recovery never even happened. They are stuck.”

“It just kind of turns you against the system in general, and then you’re more likely to want to vote to blow up the system,” he continued, adding “Which could lead you to somebody like Bernie, and it could lead you to somebody like Trump. That’s how we got where we are.”

Some Bernie Sanders supporters are already taking offense at Buttigieg’s remarks, but the remark is even less likely to endear him to Democratic voters who don’t buy that Trump’s appeal was rooted in “economic anxiety” rather than racial resentment.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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