Mediaite’s Rachel Sklar on Joy Behar Talking TSA, Cavity Searches, and Wills & Kate


Earlier this week I was invited to join Joy Behar on her eponymous show to discuss some of the more pressing issues of the day: Was the TSA pushing it too far? Were Prince William and Kate Middleton headed for a rocky road? What did we really think of Bristol on “Dancing With The Stars?” I was joined by Laura Bennett, “Project Runway” designer and author of “Didn’t I Feed You Yesterday?: A Mother’s Guide To Sanity in Stilettos,” and comedian Jamie Kilstein, co-host of Citizen Radio. A sampling:

On the TSA, darkly:

RACHEL SKLAR, EDITOR-AT-LARGE, MEDIATE.COM: I mean, that’s the big question right now, right? And that it feels like the TSA isn’t quite getting that balance right. I mean, there just has to be limits on this. You wonder if the TSA is focusing so much energy on these ridiculous scans and searches of people who clearly are not a danger, then, you know, all those resources are in the wrong place. So, what’s getting through? What are they not focusing on?

On creativity vs. airport security:

The notion of putting something in a cavity isn`t new. It`s not like this just like came up. I mean, it`s certainly been done before in smuggling, has it not?

On a London bishop taking to Facebook to predict the demise of the Wills & Kate marriage:

This story is not like a bishop made a pronouncement on a wedding that has yet to take place. The story is that he posted this to his Facebook page.

On the “Dancing With The Stars” kerfuffle:

Cheating on “Dancing With The Stars” shall not stand!

Also not to be missed: Jamie Kilstein’s epic rant against Sarah Palin via George W. Bush, if just for sheer out-of-left-field raw, visceral emotion. Watch the whole thing below:

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