Megyn Kelly Suggests on NBC Show That ‘Outside Investigator’ Should Probe NBC News Handling of Weinstein Story


Megyn Kelly aired an extensive report on Tuesday morning questioning her own network’s handling of Ronan Farrow‘s reporting on Harvey Weinstein.

NBC News chairman Andy Lack sent a lengthy internal memo to staff defending the network against allegations it “killed” Farrow’s story, which was eventually published in the New Yorker.

“We begin with a story that hits close to home today,” Kelly began.

The Megyn Kelly Today report detailed the memo, as well as the response from Farrow, who contested many of its points and insisted he was “blocked” from reporting the story. Kelly also reported that Rose McGowan countered NBC News’ claim that she declined to go on the record with her allegations against Weinstein.

“This is getting really in the weeds, and it’s getting really uncomfortable,” Kelly said.

The Megyn Kelly Today host noted that NBC News was aware she would be covering the story, saying “to their credit they’re trying to talk about what happened.”

“There is obviously a factual dispute, however, between the two parties,” she added.

Rolling Stone editor Joe Levy pointed out that NBC News handled the investigation of the Weinstein reporting in the same way it handled the review of Matt Lauer: by clearing themselves.

“There was a question should there be anyone from the outside looking into this,” he said.

“These women were silenced and intimidated for years,” he continued. “There were specific actions taken to try to ensure their silence. Sometimes that was monetary, sometimes it was pressure, it almost amounts to blackmail.”

Kelly pointed out that Rich McHugh, Farrow’s producer on the Weinstein investigation who recently resigned, questioned the thoroughness of NBC News’s self-assessment, given he was never interviewed.

“There is the question about whether there should be an outside investigator to take a hard look at this,” she said. “Between the investigation NBC did internally on Matt Lauer, to now this.”

“There’s the question of the faith and confidence of the public in the reporting of NBC on matters involving itself,” Kelly said. “For me, as a lawyer, it’s always better if you just send it outside. And then people can have more faith in it.”

Watch the report and discussion above, via NBC News.

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