Michelle Obama On Hillary 2020: ‘At This Point, Everybody’s Qualified and Everybody Should Run’


Former First Lady Michelle Obama is out promoting a new book and sat with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts. 

Naturally, the conversation turned to last week historic midterm elections, the results of which sent well over 100 female candidates to U.S. Congress, which is more women that will serve in Congress than ever before. But it was when the 2020 presidential race was broached that the conversation got a rise out of the in-studio audience.

Roberts mentioned 2020 presidential aspirations with a comedic and stern glare at Ms. Obama suggesting that the former First Lady might have interest in returning to the White House. Ms. Obama has steadfastly claimed zero interest in running for office, to which she repeated again in a light moment.

Roberts then turned to a recent op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal in which former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Mark Penn baselessly suggested that she may run for the White House again in 2020.  Nevermind that Penn has been a Clinton camp outsider for the better part of the last decade and his claim that Hillary may run again was, at best, specious.

Ms. Obama refused to opine specifically about her fellow former First Lady (who she has been quite supportive of in the past) and instead said: “at this point, I think everybody’s qualified and everybody should run.”

She then spoke about the need for promoting candidates who are committed to treating fellow candidates respectfully.

“That’s the thing that I’m going to be looking out for personally is like I don’t want people on either party tearing each other up in the process of getting to the nomination,” she said, adding that she would be “looking closely at who handles themselves and each other with dignity and respect so that by the time people get to the general, people aren’t beat up and battered.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of ABC.


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