Mika Brzezinski Confuses Easter Bunny with Furry Fetishists, Traumatizes Morning Joe Team


Cable news morning shows are at their best when one of the hosts accidentally dips his or her toes in the absurd and mortifies their co-hosts and panel.

On Monday morning, that happened on MSNBC’s Morning Joe when co-host Mika Brzezinski started talking about furries in the middle of a conversation about the Easter Bunny.

Yes, furries.

If you’re not aware, furries are a fandom made up of people who are really into wearing mascot-style furry costumes, including in many cases as a sexual fetish. — in the past they’ve made headlines for sexually harassing the Twitter account of Tony the Tiger.

“There have been Easter Bunnies like that [who] are not furries, right? There’s a difference?” said Brzezinski, commenting on a photo of George W. Bush with the Easter Bunny.

Panelist Willie Geist responded “Definitely,” while someone off-mic yelled “You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

Geist then tried to wrap up the conversation by saying that, “the Easter Bunny is the Easter Bunny, a sweet representation of a wonderful holiday. Whew. Definitely not a furry.” He then tried to move on to the new Gallup poll about President Donald Trump’s approval rating, but Brzezinski wouldn’t let him.

“I still don’t get that whole thing,” she said.

Joe Scarborough refused to explain it since kids could be watching while getting ready for school, and pivoted to how creepy the White House Easter Bunny costume was.

“OK, so you guys are asking the same question I’m asking, but you’re not letting me ask it,” Brzezinski interjected. Then all hell broke loose when Carol Lee reminisced about the time she saw a Pittsburgh furry convention greet President Barack Obama’s motorcade.

Check out the whole furry interlude above, courtesy of MSNBC.

[Photo: Screen grab]

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