Miley Cyrus Unleashes Expletive-Filled Climate Rant at Concert: ‘We Are the Last F*cking Hope on This Dying F*cking Planet’


Miley Cyrus gave a dire warning to fans on Friday when she closed out a concert with an expletive-laden rant to fans about the importance of taking action against climate change.

iHeart Radio reports that as the singer finished her performance at the 2019 Tinderbox Festival in Odense, Denmark, she launched into a rant criticizing the U.S. for not doing enough to protect LGBT people. After dismissing how she “might offend some people by calling my country sh*tty,” she began calling for her audience to get politically active.

“The youth, this generation, we are the last f*cking hope on this dying f*cking planet,” Cyrus proclaimed. “I don’t like there’s more f*cking trash in the water than living f*cking animals that deserve to be there, that have nowhere else to go.”

Cyrus concluded with “and by the f*cking way, we don’t have anywhere to f*cking go, either! There’s no planet B, so don’t f*ck it up!”

[Photo via Ian Gavan/Getty Images]
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