Morning Joe Gets Heated: Michael Cohen ‘Wrapping Himself in the Holocaust’ to Explain Situation


Morning Joe‘s hosts on Thursday clashed over a report that Michael Cohen flipped on President Donald Trump because of urging from his father, a Holocaust survivor.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that Cohen’s “father urged him not to protect the president, saying he didn’t survive the Holocaust to have his name sullied by Mr. Trump.” Earlier this week, Cohen implicated the president when he pleaded guilty to a slew of felonies, including bank fraud and campaign finance crimes.

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch, a friend of Cohen’s, said on Morning Joe that after Charlottesville, the lawyer began receiving texts accusing him of “standing by as they’re putting jews in the oven.”

“That shook him to his core,” Deutsch said, adding this was after Charlottesville, when Cohen was still “standing by” the president.

“I have a lot of problems with somebody wrapping themselves in the Holocaust in order to justify their own behaviors,” Commentary magazine’s Noah Rothman fired back at Deutsch.

“He was not — ” Deutsch protested. “You’re not hearing what I’m saying.”

“This guy spent quite a bit of time lobbying the president and the press to pay his legal bills, threatening to talk to Mueller,” Rothman said. “His moral righteousness, I have questions about.”

Deutsch further explained, that “As a Jew and as a man, when Charlottesville happened and that basically people were attacking Michael… he was deeply, deeply moved and offended as anyone would be.”

Mika Brzezinski was less generous to Cohen, noting the lawyer “pleaded guilty to breaking the law repeatedly.”

“So for him to all of a sudden see the light, it’s just a little far-fetched, don’t think think?” she said. “He knew all along that the president was crooked — because he broke the law for him!”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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