Morning Joe Laughs Out Loud at Alan Dershowitz’s Sorrows on Martha’s Vineyard: ‘Poor Thing’

Morning Joe had a laugh today as they talked about Alan Dershowitz and his recent complaints about being an outcast at Martha’s Vineyard.

Even though Dershowitz is calling it a principled stance on his part, he recently faced a lot of online mockery for lamenting how he’s no longer welcome in his old liberal elite social circles because he constantly defends President Trump in his various legal disputes. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski sarcastically lamented all of this when they reacted on Thursday, and Katty Kay said she wasn’t so sure people will really care about the retired Harvard Law professor missing a few cocktail parties.

“Poor thing,” Kay bemoaned.

As Scarborough talked about this with David Ignatius, he noted how Dershowitz is defending Trump from the investigations into his connections with Russia by using the same rationale he used to defend Bill Clinton.

“It’s basically saying ‘I’m the court jester,” Scarborough said. “Whenever somebody needs me to jump around and bounce around and distract from the facts, I’m here for them. It seems to be the absolute wrong defense.”

Kay got back in on the conversation in time, saying Dershowitz clearly enjoys being a media figure, and “he has to suffer the consequences when it comes back to bite him.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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