Morning Joe on Trump’s Destructive Foreign Policy: ‘We’re Repealing the American-Led Order’


On Morning Joe on Tuesday, the Daily Beast’s Sam Stein, Council on Foreign Relations President Richard Haass, and host Joe Scarborough discussed the state of American power in the world under President Donald Trump, deeming it in steep decline.

Stein observed that that President acts on foreign policy in a way that suggests America’s favor is indispensable, and can’t be done without, but that that may not be the case anymore.

“His view of America’s position in the global world is that we are so — so powerful and so indispensable that even if we shun our allies, if we get out of these global agreements, other countries will have to do business with us, because they rely on us more than they rely on collectively each other,” he said. “At some point theoretically the rest of the world can say, ‘that’s not true, we can deal with each other and put the U.S. To the side.'”

Scarborough turned then to Richard Haass, asking him if that isn’t actually where we already are. “It’s not 1999. Right?” he says. “Germany can do energy deals with Russia and can do other deals with China.”

“What we are seeing is the daily bringing about of what people have described, Fareed Zakaria and others, as the post-American world,” Haass said. “We are voluntarily giving up our position of advantage, of primacy.”

“This will be a world that is far messier, far less American-influenced, far less stability, and ultimately less prosperity for us,” he said.

Haass concludes that the loss of American leadership is not only at hand, at Trump’s hand, but that there is nothing to replace it.

“This the foreign policy equivalent of repeal without replace,” he said. “We’re repealing the American-led order that has done us, I think, extraordinarily well for 70 years, and in its place is going to be something that is much closer to an international free-for-all.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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