Morning Joe Ridicules Ken Starr’s Moaning About the ‘Age of Impeachment’: ‘Does Ken Starr Know He’s Ken Starr?’


Morning Joe mocked Ken Starr for his own history with impeachment as they talked about his current work defending President Donald Trump from possible removal from office.

Starr lamented the “age of impeachment” in which the current political climate too easily goes to the extreme while defending Trump on the Senate floor in his Monday address. He was instantly besieged by political observers who found it beyond ironic that the independent counsel responsible for the impeachment proceedings of Bill Clinton, would make such a claim that seemed so lacking in self-awareness.

Morning Joe reviewed Starr’s remarks and co-host Joe Scarborough snarked at the “rich” argument coming from the former independent counsel, and he got explicit about it despite audible protests from Mika Brzezinski.

“This is a man who put in the impeachment report allegations of ‘oral, anal contact,'” Scarborough said. “That’s what Ken Starr did. That’s what a Supreme Court justice did. That’s what they put in their impeachment report. And we’re talking now about a president who’s not only asking a foreign power to interfere, he then goes on national TV a week later and asks China to interfere in America’s democratic elections: a risk that Donald Trump’s own intel agencies say is the greatest threat to American democracy. And Ken Starr is lecturing America about taking impeachment too lightly?”

As Scarborough declared Starr’s argument “preposterous,” Benjamin Wittes offered an amusing anecdote from when he watched Starr’s presentation.

“I was sitting with a colleague yesterday watching Ken Starr’s presentation, and she turned to me and said, ‘Does Ken Starr know he’s Ken Starr?’ I think that kind of, you know, captured the whole thing, that there was so little self-awareness in this sort of pious presentation of the dangers of hyperactive impeachment, and you kind of watched it saying, ‘do you know who you are in this conversation? Do you know, have any understanding of the role you played?'”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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