MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Links John Kennedy’s Ukraine Talking Points to Federalist Article that ‘Cherry-Picks’ Other Reports


MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell linked Sen. John Kennedy’s talking points on Ukraine and the 2016 election to an article from The Federalist she said “cherry-picks” other reports.

During the contentious interview between Chuck Todd and Kennedy on Meet the Press Sunday, Todd told him he had been “duped” by Russia and Kennedy implored him to “just read the articles.”

“So we did read the articles,” Mitchell said Monday on Andrea Mitchell Reports.

“Our team here at AMR has traced the supposed collection of news stories back to a posting from The It’s a conservative blog that cherry-picks stories,” Mitchell said. “Ironically, including a Financial Times story from 2016 that reported Moscow hacked a phone app to falsely implicate Ukraine in the meddling.”

Mitchell also said she reached out to news organizations cited by Kennedy to support his claim that Ukraine interfered in 2016 elections just as much as Russia did.

“Politico responded to us this morning,” she said. “Writing in part ‘the article did not state that the Ukrainian document conspired with the Clinton campaign or the DNC. It also emphasized that the acts of Ukrainian officials to raise questions about Trump were not comparable to Russia’s interference in the 2016.'”

She also referred to Financial Times editor Edward Luce telling Morning Joe today “the idea that Ukraine intervened in the U.S. 2016 election specifically is not something that Senator Kennedy can point to the Financial Times as supporting. I’m not too aware of any credible reporting on that subject.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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