MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt Says Sanders Would Spell Doom for Democrats: Establishment ‘Angst’ Is Spot-On


Steve Schmidt, MSNBC political analyst and former Howard Schultz adviser, sounded alarms today about how, as he argued, Bernie Sanders would guarantee a loss for Democrats in November if he were their nominee up against President Donald Trump.

Wallace spoke with her panel about the Democratic “angsty” over Bernie Sanders, which she said really feels like the Republican angst over Donald Trump four years ago.

NBC News’ Jonathan Allen pointed to polling showing many many in the party say they approve of socialism, and said that the Democratic establishment may have reason to worry given how some of the more moderate candidates in the race “are not people to get behind.”

Schmidt said given the “wholesale corruption of the Republican party,” the Democratsic party now has a calling to “be the sentinel of American democracy.”

“As an institution, it has an awesome responsibility in this moment of time and that’s to put a candidate forward who can repudiate Trumpism and beat Donald Trump in November.”

And Schmidt argued that too much is at stake for Democrats to go with Sanders as their nominee:

“The job of the Democratic Party to be able to offer something better that can lift the country up at a time of acute division, dangerous division in the country, who is the candidate that can bring Americans into the fold and say this is an aberrant chapter in our country? And that responsibility is a profound one. Imagine a Trump re-election. It would be utter ly destructive to this institution to have failed twice in a row against a candidate of Trump’s character. So, I think the angst is properly placed, considering a Sanders candidacy. In a red-hot economy, whether Democrats in Iowa believe that socialism is better than capitalism or not, the country we live in, the United States of America, my view would be that the sociopath beats the socialist every day of the week and twice on Tuesdays in November.”

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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