Napolitano Hits House Dems Over Impeachment Gridlock: Framers Didn’t Consider House ‘Sitting on Articles’


As Andrew Napolitano slammed Senator Lindsey Graham’s (R-SC) premature call to start President Donald Trump’s impeachment, he also criticized House Democrats for withholding their articles of impeachment back from the Senate.

Speaking with Bill Hemmer about the ongoing stalemate surrounding Trump’s impeachment, Napolitano summarized Nancy Pelosi’s strategy by saying the House Speaker is “trying to coerce the Senate into changing its rules so the House prosecutors she will send over there can call witnesses who had not testified in the judiciary or intelligence committees.

Napolitano went on to add that there’s “very legitimate criticism” to be made about the Democrats’ ploy, saying “the framers did not contemplate the House sitting on these articles. They contemplated a trial, at which, the president would get the same due process rights as any defendant does in any trial in any federal court in the United States.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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