NBC’s Todd Challenges Pfeiffer: Why Trust Gov’t When Ebola ‘Walked into Dallas Hospital?’

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd wanted to know from White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer Sunday morning why the public should continue to trust government and CDC statements on ebola after “ebola walked into a Dallas hospital.”

“Are you going to try to do more measures?” Todd asked. “This is a public that is very fearful. You say one thing here, and all of a sudden, ebola walked into a Dallas hospital.”

“It’s important people understand that this outbreak’s been happening for seven months in Africa, and this is the first case that’s come to the United States,” Pfeiffer said. “We’re gonna make sure everything is working, and where we see there are flaws in the system or things don’t work, we’ll address those. We’ve very confident on the procedures we have in place.”

Todd went down the list of government failures from Edward Snowden sneaking NSA files to the intelligence community allegedly underestimating ISIS.

“In every single one of the situations you mentioned where a problem arises we deal with it, and we deal with it quickly,” Pfeiffer said, citing the example of the border surge.

“You always have a good reaction,” Todd countered. “Ebola needs to be proaction.”

Watch the clip below, via NBC News:

[Image via screengrab]

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