Dan Pfeiffer and Jack Kingston Spar Over ‘Fire and Fury’ Rant: ‘Can’t Wing It Between 18 Holes of Golf’


During a panel discussion tonight on CNN, things got a bit heated when a Democrat and Republican saw President Donald Trump’s shocking “fire and fury” comment to North Korea in vastly different lights.

Despite reporting to the contrary, CNN political commentator and former GOP lawmaker Jack Kingston said that he didn’t believe Trump’s rant was off-the-cuff, suggesting that it was “very deliberate.” He also made the point that people criticized Trump during the campaign for being “undisciplined” but he kept going.

Dan Pfeiffer, a former Obama advisor, responded by explaining that what one says as president matters and that “you can’t go out and threaten the equivalent of nuclear war just because you feel that way that morning.” He added that Trump needs to listen to his generals because if he doesn’t, “this is going to be one in a never ending series of crisis.”

This led to Kingston taking shots at Obama, asking Pfeiffer what conversations he had with the former POTUS about the Syrian red line or the loss of credibility in the Middle East before claiming that Trump’s advisors probably told him not to be like Obama. Pfeiffer decided to answer fire with fire.

“You can’t tell me you’re not concerned about what the president said and how he said it because these are serious matters,” the ex-Obama flack said. “You can’t wing it in between 18 holes of golf on vacation on serious matters like this.”

Kingston shot back, “I don’t think he is winging it.”

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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