‘No Religious Affiliation, No Political Affiliation’: Brother of Las Vegas Shooter Speaks Out


Eric Hudson Paddock, the brother of the man who gunned down 50 people in Las Vegas Sunday night, says he is as baffled over last night’s massacre as the rest of America.

In response to gunman Stephen Paddock carrying out the deadliest shooting in American history, Eric said he is “dumbfounded” at what his intentions were. During an interview with CBS News outside of his home in Orlando, Florida, he gave his thoughts on the mass shooting:

“We have nothing to say, there’s just nothing we could say. He was my brother… He gambled, he was nice to my kids when they went out to Vegas, my kids didn’t know him that well. He sends his mom cookies — there’s nothing else to say… [He had] no religious affiliation, no political affiliation, he just hung-out.”

Eric also noted that Paddock had “no history of mental illness” — a common factor in mass shooting cases. In an interview with NBC, Eric compared his brother’s violent outbreak to an astroid falling out of the sky, as it was that shocking to him and his family. The last time the shooter had contacted his family was during Hurricane Irma to see if his Florida-based brother and mother were okay.

At least 50 victims are confirmed dead after Paddock shot-up a country music festival, while 400 more are reportedly wounded. Las Vegas police said that the shooter killed himself in a Mandalay Bay hotel room before he could be apprehended by authorities.

Watch the above via CBS News.

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