comScore Deb Snell Attacks 'Snake Oil Salesman' Trump Over Covid-19

Nurse Federation Official Calls Trump a ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ For Pushing Unproven Coronavirus Drug

Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals president Deb Snell called out President Donald Trump over the coronavirus crisis on MSNBC Monday, claiming “it’s embarrassing that we have a president that’s acting like a snake oil salesman.”

After being asked whether she’s ever experienced anything like the coronavirus before, Snell replied, “Not like this, no. When H1N1 came around, it was scary. We were doing the first garb at first as well, but nothing to this magnitude.”

“It’s not just like the physical and mental part, it’s the psychological part,” she continued, explaining, “Like in Vermont, we’ve had 22 deaths, we’re lucky, and my God, how can you say 22 deaths are lucky that we’re so low. It’s just not normal.”

Snell went on to criticize President Donald Trump, saying, “First of all, it’s embarrassing that we have a president that’s acting like a snake oil salesman, trying to peddle his cure that is not proven.”

“You need to get supplies to the proper people, you need to get the N-95 masks, you need to get the ventilators to New York City. This is crazy. If the stuff is there, why aren’t we seeing it?” she questioned. “Why are you putting more stress on everyone involved by not making sure they have what they need? It’s unforgivable.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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