Outnumbered Gets Testy With Former Clinton Staffer: Did Hillary Give Back Harvey Weinstein Donations?!


Former Hillary Clinton staffer Zac Petkanas was Outnumbered‘s guest on Thursday, and made for some contentious spats with the show’s co-hosts over Trump’s alleged affair with Stormy Daniels.

Petkanas contended that for the upcoming midterm elections, Democrats should avoid the personal details about President Donald Trump‘s alleged affair with the porn star, instead focusing on the issues — as well as the potential legal pitfalls of the nondisclosure agreement.

“The issue is the cover up, the issue is the potential illegality of the cover up that may have violated campaign finance laws, the issue is the Stormy Daniels allegation of potential physical threats against her and her child,” Petkanas said.

Trish Regan argued that Democrats can’t criticize Trump on policy, so they have to “rally the base” by a “character assassination” of the president. She added that American voters “have looked past a lot” of Trump’s personal transgressions.

Harris Faulkner made the point that Democrats should avoid linking the consensual (alleged!) affair between Stormy and Trump to the Me Too movement against sexual harassment, and Petkanas shot back that no one is trying to do that.

Lisa Kennedy then asked, “did Hillary Clinton give back those donations from Harvey Weinstein?”

“Did the RNC give back the contributions from Steve Wynn?” Petkanas shot back.

“No no, n- uh, I don’t know, I’m not a Republican,” Kennedy replied, with about as much conviction as Joe Scarborough calling himself an independent.

“Did, Hillary Clinton, who you worked for, did she give back those donations from Harvey Weinstein?” she again asked.

“I don’t know about Hillary specifically, I know the DNC did. But I know the RNC did not, against an accused rapist,” Petkanas said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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