‘Perfect Example of Libertarianism Gone Wrong’: Watters and Gutfeld Throw Down on Drug Legalization


Greg Gutfeld took on all-comers during a discussion on drug legalization during Thursday’s edition of The Five.

The co-hosts discussed the impact of Oregon’s decriminalization of small amounts of almost all drugs. Oregon sought to make treatment available to drug users instead of jail cells. However, very few users have availed themselves of help and fatal overdoses have increased.

“This is what happens when drugs are illegal,” Gutfeld stated, noting that street drugs often contain the substance in uncertain amounts, as well as adulterants.

“All of these poisonings are street concoctions,” he said. “We always just say, ‘Oh, it’s opiates.’ But it’s actually a toxic poison, it’s street fentanyl. This is not prescription stuff. So if you loosened the restrictions on prescription [drugs], you will save lives.”

He concluded, “That’s all I have to say!”

Jesse Watters wasn’t convinced.

“I am not buying this libertarian mumbo-jumbo,” he said.

“What? It’s called facts,” Gutfeld protested.

“This is a perfect example of libertarianism gone wrong,” Watters continued. “Greg has been singing the song ever since I came on The Five. ‘Legalize drugs, legalize drugs, decriminalize it.’ They did it. Oregon listened to Gutfeld. Now, look at Oregon. Everyone’s dead. That’s what happens when you listen to Greg. You die.”

Gutfeld replied, “What I’m saying is, if somebody’s actually using a safe drug, this doesn’t happen.”

“Is heroin a safe drug?” asked Jeanine Pirro.

“People actually take heroin, yes,” he replied. “Do you know that fentanyl is actually a drug that is prescribed? Are you aware of that?”

“Did you know that you’re wrong?” said Watters.

“You will never win this debate,” Gutfeld shot back.

“If you do what Greg says, you don’t get the crap from China,” Dana Perino chimed in.

“That’s my point,” he responded.

Watch above via Fox News.

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