Pete Buttigieg Mocks Conservative Labels: ‘If We Are Crazy Socialists’ Then The American People Are Too

South Bend mayor and 2020 Democratic candidate Pete Buttigieg says the Left needs to march ahead with what they think is good policy and not be so concerned about conservative critics labeling them as socialists.

Buttigieg followed up his performance at CNN’s Democratic Debate by speaking to Morning Joe, where he seemed satisfied with the points he made about climate change, health care and racism in America. As Joe Scarborough noted that Tuesday night’s debate gravitated around the contest between moderates and progressives, he asked Buttigieg “where do you think you stand on that spectrum between Elizabeth Warren on one side and Tim Ryan on the other?”

Buttigieg said he viewed himself as a “progressive” as he insisted that most Americans agree with where Democrats stand on topics like universal health care and gun control. He also said the reactions from Trumpworld were “pretty revealing” because they affirmed what he said on the debate stage in terms of how conservatives will paint Democrats as “crazy socialists” regardless of what agenda the party embraces.

“If we are crazy socialists, then they’re saying the American people are a bunch of crazy socialists. It’s time to put those labels to bed, talk about what we’re actually going to do for the American people and when we do, it turns out voters are with us. Which is exactly why the president needs us to be talking about his latest outrage, rather than about the impact we’re going to have on your life when we get elected.”

Watch above, via MSNBC

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