Jeanine Pirro Gushes Over Trump’s ‘Genius’ on NoKo: Bringing Kim Jong Un ‘To His Knees’


In light of the news that Donald Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un to negotiate for North Korea’s possible denuclearization, Fox’s Jeanine Pirro raved on Saturday about the president’s major accomplishment that no other president could’ve ever hoped to achieve.

In her opening monologue for Justice, the judge bashed Trump’s critics for lambasting the president’s style of responding to North Korean missile tests with challenging rhetoric. As she cycled through the name-calling from both sides over the past few months, Pirro cheered for Trump being “undeterred” and putting the rogue nation under increasing levels of pressure.

“So here we are, Little Rocket Man seeking to sit down with the President of the United States,” Pirro said. “Never in our history or their’s has this happened. No other president could accomplish this.”

As Pirro continued to slam Trump’s predecessors for failing to resolve the North Korea issue themselves, she eventually went after the media for not recognizing “the genius that got a whackadoo madman to the bargaining table.”

“It was Trump’s genius and crippling economic sanctions that brought this dictator to his knees, and although the mainstream media is worried, predicting that Trump will be outsmarted and outplayed by this dictator, in truth, the only people who need to be worried are the North Koreans.”

It was interesting that Pirro brought Trump’s “Rocket Man” insult back tonight. When Trump mentioned meeting with North Korea during his speech in Pennsylvania tonight, he told the crowd not to boo Kim, saying “we have to be very nice” until negotiations are over.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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